Monday, August 9, 2010

GenCon 2010 Breakdown Pt. 1

I'm back from GenCon with some exciting news! On a personal note, my Wazzdakka Gutsmek model took Third Place in the Machines of War category in the painting contest.

Painted by Ian Villamagna, converted by Aaron Given

I'm actually really happy with the model taking Third Place, since he was painted over the course of two days in a rush for a tournament. I actually had forgotten that GenCon held painting competitions, and I just happened to bring some of my flashier stuff to attract attention at the Mongoose Publishing booth. So for a "oh-what-the-hell-might-as-well-see-what-happens" I'm pretty pleased.

I was introduced to Tom of at the convention. Hopefully and will be able to do some work together in the near future.

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