Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll - Iron Builder III Army Project

With the newest Iron Builder kicking off at the KrystalKeep, I've decided to do a Slaanesh-themed daemon army. Here's a couple of teaser shots for all you post-starved followers:

Very much incomplete Daemonette Unit No. 1

Fiends of Slaanesh, SGS Style!

The two on the flanks actually have bigger lamprey-esque maws now,
made from Green Stuff.

Most of the rest of the army

Here are a few answers to questions people will undoubtedly be asking, I've tried to arrange the order to simulate a conversation:

1: Yes, Iron Builder is still a 40k event.
2: Yes, I know they're on square bases.
3: Because it doesn't matter for 40k if models are on square or round bases.
4: It's so I can use them for WH Fantasy also.
5: The cobblestone is made from 1/4" gridded plasticard, tutorial to follow soon.
6: Because the pewter GW Fiends of Slaanesh look terrible.
7: Chaos Spawn and Ravener tails and a ton of Green Stuff.
8: No, I'm not doing a tutorial for them.
9: Because it's self-explanatory.
10: Just get the kits and mix up the parts! Shit! Get off my case, spaz!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with what Iron Builder is, EDUCATE THYSELF!