Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates, but here is a small update of some of the Dark Eldar stuff I've been working on. As I said previously, my DE army will consist of things I like to paint and things people don't often use, so Incubi were an obvious next step for me. I've decided to do the DE like I did my Space Marine army, lots of different schemes culminating into one hodge-podge force of badassitude.


Soon to come: Reaver jetbikes, Ravagers and Malifaux!


  1. They look good.
    When looking at them from a distance you see the white head and shoulders and the Klaive...the rest is muted or shadowed.
    Was that the intent?

  2. Its about time you did some updates!

  3. The white is reflecting the light from the painting lamp and really dominating the photo. It's not nearly that bad in person. Initially I was concerned that the white would detract from the reds, and I think to a point it does, but not enough for me to be dissatisfied with it.