Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Finecast

I just picked up two Tyranid Hive Guard and a Tyrant Guard last night and these things are fucking lousy with air bubbles.

The Hive Guards have long air bubbles in their tails that have to be filled with green stuff. The Tyrant Guard had big air bubbles right on top of his head that need to be filled.

However, the most annoying bubbles on both models were those that occurred at the ends of claws/spikes. These completely ruin the detail and there is no "quick fix" aside from re-sculpting the spike. (Technically I guess there aren’t bubbles, but rather the mold not filling completely…)

They're still nicely detailed, light, easily convertible and all that jazz, but damn if the bubbles aren't annoying.

Moral of the story:

Buyer beware!


  1. Are you aware that your flgs has power to call GW and receive brand new blisters for you, free of charge and you get to keep these ones as well. I once received a nurgle daemon prince who had two left legs and no right. I got a whole new kit five days later.

  2. Do you haqve any pictures of the miniatures? I am interested to see. I have had some very minor problems with a grimgor but noticed a big pile of returned figs in my local GW.