Monday, August 8, 2011

Epic Loot Iron Builder: Month One (Dark Eldar Assembly)

Alright folks, the fine people over at Epic Loot are officially kicking off their Iron Builder on August 20th. It's $20 to play (which gets you entry into the league and 2 tournaments) and will run for 4 months.

Each month a player will be responsible for assembling and painting 500 points worth of models. The idea is, that after 4 months each player will have a fully painted 2000 point army! It's great fun and I encourage anyone in the area to come play.

I've decided to further add to Ian's Dark Eldar for the League, and as such will be doing 1000 points of Homunculus Coven and 1000 points of Witch Cult.

The first 500 points is as follows:

1 x Homunculus (with Agonizer and other hurty bits)
10 x Wracks (2 x Liquifiers and Acolyte)
10 x Wracks (2 x Liquifiers and Acolyte)
Talos (Twin-linked Haywire Blaster, Chain Flails and Additional CCW)

And the assemblies of said models:

I don't have the other Wrack Squad assembled yet because GW seems to have a 20% Failure Rate when it comes to Finecast troop boxes; and that number is only based off of the ones that I couldn't salvage with Green Stuff.

More to come.

P.S.- Almost forgot. Ian's Dark Eldar won Best Painted at Epic Loots Grand Opening Tournament! As promised, the $50 went to several paint brush sets and palettes for all the new painters who attend Kevin Kirby's painting classes on Thursday evenings at Epic Loot.

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